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Goal: Get Whole Foods to put Planet Over Plastic by committing to eliminate all single-use plastic packaging.

A garbage truck worth of plastic waste enters our oceans every minute — and once there, it can injure or kill birds and marine animals such as sea turtles. 这种污染的主要来源? Single-use plastic packaging, like the kind that comes with the food you buy at the grocery store. 以扭转塑料污染的趋势, we need corporations to do their part to eliminate single-use plastic packaging.

Whole Foods has long been a leader when it comes to reducing plastic pollution — it was the first U.S. 2008年,杂货商在结账时取消塑料袋. 但是今天, 这家公司落后于竞争对手, and it was recently given an F for failing to tackle its plastic waste. 全食超市的顾客关心环境. 在一起, we’re telling Whole Foods to put planet over plastic and eliminate single-use plastic packaging from its stores.

Whole Foods scored poorly in 当你播种's report, "Waste and Opportunity 2020."

美国人热爱海洋:海浪拍打的声音, 空气中咸水的味道, 还有海鸟在沙滩上飞翔的景象.

That’s why the sight of a plastic food wrapper floating in the surf or washed up on the shore is distressing: That piece of plastic could end up in the stomach of a bird or sea creature.

我们知道塑料污染是野生动物的一个主要问题. 每年, another 8 million tons of plastic enters our oceans — the equivalent of a garbage truck dumping a load of plastic waste into the sea every minute. 一旦有, it is often mistaken for food and ingested by wildlife such as dolphins, 海龟和海鸟, 导致它们窒息,甚至饿死. 近700种海洋哺乳动物, 以及50种淡水物种, 是否曾摄入塑料或被塑料缠住. 太平洋垃圾带, 充满塑料碎片, sits between California and Hawaii and is now twice the size of Texas.

Plastic fragments have been found in 44% of all seabird species.

One of the worst forms of plastic pollution is single-use plastic packaging — items that are used only once and then pollute our rivers and oceans for hundreds of years. Plastic food wrappers are the most common item of trash found on our beaches, 海洋保护协会说.

Single-use plastic packaging is a glaring example of a culture that prioritizes a moment’s convenience over the health of our oceans. We don’t need it and, to protect wildlife and our ecosystems, we need to move beyond it.

公司, 例如连锁超市, have an important role to play in the reduction of plastic trash. But while some companies have made efforts to eliminate unnecessary plastic like grocery bags and straws, the industry has generally lagged behind on tackling packaging.

Whole Foods can step up in the fight against plastic pollution by eliminating it from its stores.

At one point, grocer Whole Foods was a prominent exception, becoming the first U.S. 2008年,杂货商在结账时取消塑料袋 and removing plastic straws in its stores in 2019. It was an industry leader — and leaders are important because they set an example that others can follow.

But while shoppers have come to expect sustainable practices from Whole Foods, the company has recently fallen behind when it comes to tackling plastic waste, 根据《10bet手机官网》发布的2020年报告.

The 当你播种 report gave Whole Foods an F for its failure to adopt a comprehensive policy to reduce its plastic footprint — putting it behind other stores, 比如沃尔玛和克罗格. Without a comprehensive plan to eliminate single-use plastics from its shelves, we believe Whole Foods is not living up to its reputation as a sustainable, 注重环保的公司. 以扭转塑料污染的趋势, we need companies like Whole Foods to take the lead by redesigning the packaging they use.

That’s why we are calling on Whole Foods to eliminate all single-use plastic packaging from its operations. 全食超市可以再次成为全国市场的领导者. 小, regional grocers like Giant Eagle have already committed to eliminating single-use plastic by 2025. 现在, we need a nationwide grocer to make a similarly bold commitment to reduce its plastic footprint and shift the industry away from this wasteful and damaging source of plastic pollution.


Many Whole Foods customers love clean beaches and oceans and care deeply about preserving a healthy planet. Many are also aware of the damage that plastic waste wreaks on ocean ecosystems. Plastic packaging, which pollutes our planet for hundreds of years, is not on their shopping list. That’s why we know shoppers want Whole Foods to put “planet over plastic” by eliminating single-use plastic packaging items from its stores. If Whole Foods customers speak out and demand change, we know Whole Foods can deliver.

Our oceans — and the whales, dolphins and sea turtles that live in them — can’t wait. 我们需要关掉塑料污染的水龙头, and we can start by making sure Whole Foods puts wildlife over waste and eliminates single-use plastic packaging in its stores.

Tell Whole Foods to put Planet Over Plastic by eliminating single-use plastic packaging

Tell Whole Foods Market that it must put the ‘planet over plastic’ by eliminating all single-use plastic packaging from its stores.