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Campaign Goal: Convince campuses and cities across Washington to go 100 percent renewable.
We’re promoting a bold and clear vision of a greener, 更健康的世界, 一个完全由清洁驱动的, 可再生能源. We’re also taking concrete steps right now that will bring us closer to the world we want to live in. Our 100%可再生 campaign is focused on three arenas in which we can make the most immediate progress: college and 大学校园, 城市和州, 和国会.
100%可再生:大学 & 大学校园

而美国则超过5个,000所大学, colleges and community colleges are big energy consumers, 与大型建筑, 其中很多都是全天候开放的. 同时, college campuses are largely self-contained communities, and therefore better able to find ways to generate all the power they need from clean, renewable sources—especially given the expertise among their faculty and the enthusiasm among their students for going green.


康奈尔大学, Green Mountain College and Colorado State University are among the campuses that already have committed to going 100 percent renewable. Our campaign goal is to expand that number to 10 campuses by June 2018, 到2019年6月再增加25人, 到2020年6月再增加35个.

Our organizers are working with campus communities to achieve these goals. 到目前为止, more than 350 faculty members nationwide have supported us in calling for commitments to 100 percent 可再生能源—many of whom will prove to be valuable allies when we ask local and state government leaders to consider taking similar action.

为这项关键的10bet手机中国官网奠定基础, we have produced and distributed a series of reports and factsheets, 包括 可再生能源 101: Ten Tools to Move Your Campus to 100% Clean Energy; 在会议上对学生讲话, faculty and administrators; and partnered with Second Nature, the leaders of the President’s Climate Commitments.

100%可再生:城市 & 州

Given the headwinds we're facing in Washington—and more to the point, given the administration's views on energy—now more than ever, we need our mayors and our governor to lead the way for clean energy.

Edmonds is among the more than 50 cities nationwide that have already committed to going 100 percent renewable. Our state and local 提倡 and organizers are working right now to persuade more cities in our state to join their ranks.

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We're also supporting 100 percent renewable state-level legislation in Washington. A bill was introduced in the Senate that would set a goal of 100 percent 可再生能源 by 2045. We're raising awareness and building support for this bill across the state.

在10bet手机官网以外的地方.C., bubble, we’re finding bipartisan support for action on clean energy. 我们的国家研究团队, 提倡, members and activists have won significant progress on clean energy over the past few decades, 包括 policies that have resulted in greater energy efficiency, more wind power and more solar power in 25 州. With Washington’s leadership missing or counterproductive, now is the time to rally our local and state leaders to think bigger and act more boldly.


It’s no secret that the 115th Congress is not going to vote for America to go 100 percent renewable.

But every long journey starts with a single step. 2017年,Sens. Jeff Merkley(矿石.)和Ed Markey(马萨诸塞州).)和代表. Jared城邦(科罗拉多州.),贾里德·霍夫曼(加州.),劳尔·格里加尔瓦(亚利桑那州.)和普拉米拉·贾亚帕尔(Pramila Jayapal).)提出了一项立法,将使美国的财政赤字降到最低.S. on a path to 100 percent 可再生能源 by 2050.

通过提交账单, joining forces with members of Congress who are willing to champion it, 并赢得了学术界的支持, 科学家们, 环保人士, 卫生专业人员, 企业主和其他人, we can begin to shift the debate on the national level—in essence, making a 100 percent 可再生能源 economy the standard by which more Americans measure whether new energy policy proposals will move us in the right or wrong direction.


罗伯特F. Kennedy once said that each time we stand up for an ideal, we send forth a “tiny ripple of hope.”

Imagine ripples of energy emanating from each new campus or each new city or town that commits to 100 percent renewable power. Imagine these ripples converging into a great current that reaches every corner of our country and shines a beacon of hope to the rest of the world. 这就是这次竞选的意义所在.